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Priesthood And Worship Participants Schedule

June 2023

Date 6/4/2023 6/11/2023 6/18/2023 6/25/2023
Theme God: An Eternal. Loving Community Reach Out with Faith Go Proclaim the Good News Walk in the Newness of Life
Planners Curtis Harper Tiffany Smith Anna Rider Dave Ward
    John Boyd    
Reader Dawn Williams Terri Wendleton Dawn Williams Frank Stribling
Focus Moment Tiffany Smith Pete Wendleton John Boyd Iva Stribling
Generosity Moment Ralph Williams Anna Rider Gard Dave Ward Linda Fann
Spiritual Practice Beth Moreira Curtis Harper Karen Ward Beth Moreira
Emblems Carolyn Williams      
Facility Host Jerry Chadwick Ken Fann Linda Fann Ken Fann/Tiffany Smith
Audio Wendal Smith Dave Ward Ken Fann Gary Mineo
Video John Boyd Norma Fugate Tiffany Smith Wendall Smith
Greeter Dave Ward John Boyd Frank Stribling Jerry Chadwick
Usher Karen Ward Linda Fann Iva Stribling Ken Fann
Prayer Room Dave Ward Jim Parcel Carolyn Williams Pete Wendleton
Prayer Room Sandi Boyd Sharon Parcel Ralph Williams Frank Stribling
Home Visitation John Boyd      
Home Visitation Sandi Boyd      


If you are unable to participate in a service as a Reader, Focus Moment, Generosity Moment, or Spiritual Practice, contact the worship planner. If you are unable to plan a service, contact John Boyd 816.205.6773.


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