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Priesthood And Worship Participants Schedule

March 2019

Date March 3, 2019 March 10, 2019 March 17, 2019 March 24, 2019 March 31, 2019
Theme Experience the Mountaintop Be Led by the Spirit Boldly Persevere Repent! Amazing Grace
Presider Jenny Brewer Lowell Kuhn Mary Swick  John Brewer Ed Towers
Speaker Matt Frizell Ralph Williams Roger Swick Sandi Boyd Duane Graham
Invocation Georgia Graham Penny McCurdy Janice Sartwell Norma Fugate John Boyd
Offering Roy Giltner Carolyn Williams Doris Giltner Dawn Williams Cindy Towers
Benediction Wayne Williams Joe Andrews Bill Newton George Norwood          Karen Ward
Emblems- Bread Noelle Blosser        
Emblems-Wine Beth Moreira        
Deacon in Charge Linda Fann John Brewer Ken Fann Jerry Chadwick Vera Williams
PA Ken Fann Roger Swick John Boyd David Ward Ken Fann
Video Norma Fugate John Boyd Sandi Boyd Noelle Blosser Norma Fugate
Security Greeter Gary Mineo Jerry Chadwick Ralph Williams Grace Andrews David Ward
Administration Room John Boyd Dawn Williams Jenny Brewer Carolyn Williams Joe Andrews
Administration Room Sandi Boyd Wayne Williams John Brewer Ralph Williams David Ward
Homebound Communion Roger Swick        
Homebound Communion Mary Swick         
Organist / Pianist Twila Rider Sandi Boyd Norma Fugate Doris Giltner Sandi Boyd
Ministry of Music / Arts          
Wednesday Presider Duane Graham Grace Andrews David Ward Priesthood Meeting Wayne Williams
Wed Deacon in Charge Ken Fann John Brewer Ken Fann Jerry Chadwick Vera Williams

If you are a Presider or Speaker, and cannot fill your assignment, call Jim Parcel 816.729.7619 as soon as possible. If you are Any Other participant, try to find a replacement. Then Notify your Presider so changes can be made to the bulletin.

Health Ministries Association  Community of Christ International Headquarters 1001 West Walnut  Independence

Updated 2/5/19